Passionate Blue

blue flower 1blue flower 2blue flower 3blue flower 4blue flower 5

An adorable blue floral pattern made of nylon fabric.  Beautiful stitches of blue roses scatter across this high waist sleeveless dress, finished with a red ribbon spread across the chest adding a pop of color.

Simply Grey

Simply Grey 2Simply Grey 3Simply Grey 1

An effortless sheath dress, Simply Grey promotes comfort with style. It’s not a dress that’s going for a fab look, it’s sensible. A bit dressed down, the short sleeves and hi-lo skirt are quite loose which makes the dress roomy. With this piece being super casual, you can dress it up with heels and add accessories to spice it up!

Night Wing

Night WingNight Wing 1Night Wing 3Night Wing 2Night Wing 4

A gorgeous black nylon dress with ruffle trimming along the arms. The ensemble alone is sophisticated and classy, but you can still spice it up more with a silver jewel. Wide-seam pockets are included to enhance the dress making it extra chic and sexy.

Rose Blossom

Cherry Blossom 2Cherry Blossom 3Cherry Blossom 4

Perfect sweet summer romper, Rose Blossom was made with a light quilted texture. The blossom patterns here stretches throughout the piece with a simple scoop neck and handy front pockets. The zipper back will help you step into this outfit feeling relaxed and beautiful.

Rainbow Bliss

Rainbow Bliss 1Rainbow Bliss 2Rainbow Bliss 3Rainbow Bliss 4

This lively textured print is one of a kind. Similar to lace, the colorful floral cutouts make this dress standout with a plain white bottom underlay. This zipper back dress lets you climb into a comfortable sexy fit. With basic seams and non-elastic waistline, Rainbow Bliss offers a super flattering fit, accentuating curves and body figure.