Hey Everyone!

My mom and I are so excited to finally launch this lookbook! All the outfits that you’ll be seeing throughout this blog were designed and handmade by my mom. My dad and I are so proud of her! The purpose of this blog is to share her designs with you all, but we see this blog being so much more.  Hopefully, it’ll turn into brand and business where my mom can design clothes for others than herself.

Unlike other fashion blogs, Moy Petite is a lookbook of my mom’s designs. It’s not much about how to dress for petite sizes, but more about the style, patterns and colors my mom chose to stand out. She’s all about ageless beauty, comfort and femininity. I will try to post   new outfits and add them to the Gallery page in the menu above as often as I can. Please keep in mind that the designs you see do take time to create.

As this being my first blog, I hope this will improve my writing and creativity skills. I don’t know a lot about fashion, and I know I have a lot of fashion terms and lingo to learn, so please bear with me! We hope you enjoy the blog and please share this with your friends and family. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Just click on the link on the main side bar to your right =)

Happy Dressup!

Moy Petite


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