The Designer of “Moy Petite”


My mom is a great designer. She has an eye for detail in fashion and is pretty creative with fabrics. She doesn’t really buy clothes, unless they’re jackets or cardigans. She simply makes her own clothes, which are mostly dresses.

Combining styles with what she sees on the streets, magazines, and Pinterest, she draws her own and finds the perfect fabric print to go with it. Her closet is so full of colors and different material. I usually go for modern, simple and comfortable look. I love colors, but I don’t really wear them. I should probably start! All my clothes are store bought, neutral greys, blacks, white and beige.

Designing clothes is mom’s passion. She’s focused and goal driven. You’d think she’d sleep in on the weekends and relax. She’s an early bird, ready with ideas. Rarely does she wear jeans or pants. A majority of her clothes are dresses and skirts. Even during the winter, she will wear dresses with thick stockings or black leggings for work. She’s a firm believer of always standing out and looking sharp, all while looking feminine and lady-like.

Throughout this blog, I’ll be posting pictures of the clothes she’s designed. She started this back in 2007 when I moved out for college. It was that time when I left, that I finally gave her enough room to spread her ideas everywhere and put the empty space to good use. She realized her passion and is now making it a reality.


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