About Moy Petite

The Blog

This blog serves as a lookbook with all the outfits designed and handmade by my mom. We want to share the designs with you all in hopes that it will turn into a brand and business where my mom can design clothes for other people than herself. It’s not much about how to dress for petite sizes, but more about the style, patterns and colors my mom chose to stand out. Each piece you see is made with the love for fashion that combines ageless beauty, comfort and femininity.

The Designer

My mom is just one inch shy from being 5 feet tall. She wears size 5 heels with a fierce attitude. She has a great eye for detail in fashion and is the definition of Moy Petite. She has a passion for fashion. Designing her own clothes, hand-crafting them, and modeling them have been her forte for almost a decade. She is currently a production coordinator at a company working as a liaison between fashion brand and manufacturers.

The Blogger

I’m 5’2” who wears store bought clothes because I don’t have my mom’s talent. I’m a very simple gal. I go for solid and neutral colors instead of patterns.  I’m not in the fashion industry at all nor do I follow trends. Hence, blogging about fashion and learning fashion lingo has become really important for me in order to make this blog successful. I’m currently a print-production manager in a printing company.