French Parfait

French Parfait 1French Parfait 2French Parfait 3

A french inspired design with a super fun paneled skirt overlay. What’s unique is that French Parfait also includes a reversible layer that you see around the edges of the puffed sleeves and skirt. Mom had a lot of fun designing this in utilizing it’s reversible patterns and creating this dress.

Aztec Sunrise

Aztec Sunrise 1Aztec Sunrise 2Aztec Sunrise 3

Vibrant and colorful, Aztec Sunrise gives off this fun and exciting adventurous vibe with the bright colors and geometric pattern. Even with it’s short sleeve dress, crewneck collar and basic waistline, the color combination speaks loudly.


Cosmopolitan 1Cosmopolitan 2Cosmopolitan 3

Carefully assembled, this piece is designed with slightly longer sleeves and delicate eyelash edges hanging free around the arms as well as the skirt. The collar coordinates very well being black and white. It also stands out with its embellished texture of sequins.

Whisper Me

Whisper Me 2Whisper Me 1Whisper Me 3

Whisper Me creates an elegant contrast using black lace and white underlay. Mom adds a little spunk with a different piece of lace at the bottom of the skirt. It’s very loose fitting seamless chemise dress. Pair it with a belt, matching shoes and you’re all set!

Gilded Retro

Gilded Retro 1Gilded Retro 2Gilded Retro 3

A black and white satin finish with sheath and waistline seams, Gilded Retro was designed to turn heads with its fun tilled patterns that’ll take you into a matrix. The lady-like collar gently placed to complete the neckline area.